Datamars Livestock has launched a new powerful electric fence energizer, the 46000W, available in the United States as of October 1, under the Speedrite brand.

Its iconic predecessor, the 36 Joule energizer, has been a favorite since its launch in 1998. Verne Atmore, VP, Datamars Livestock, says the latest creation is more powerful than before – charging up to 290 miles of fence line.  “It’s also our first ‘smart’ energizer, giving farmers’ peace of mind and saving time,” says Verne.

Producers can use the Datamars Livestock Farm App to connect the energizer to Wi-Fi, check voltage in real-time and configure settings. The app can also turn the power off and on and send alerts when the voltage drops – solving the inconvenience for producers when they are away from the field or taking a well-deserved vacation.

Feedback from producers who have put the 46 Joule to the test is extremely positive, saying: “it’s easy to use”.

Other features include split bolt terminals with a pin through design, allowing multiple fence wires to easily connect without the need to bend or over-tighten. A ‘bi-polar’ installation can also be used in areas with poor grounding conditions. All wires are live and do not depend on the animal being grounded to deliver an adequate shock.

Verne says: “The sleek and modern 46 Joule energizer leads us one step closer towards a fully connected farm and is one of the first deliverables in Datamars Livestock’s eco-system of integrated solutions”.