With the first signs that winter is fast approaching, Emerson has launched its new EasyHeat RG Trace Cable De-Icing System to help commercial building managers avoid serious problems caused by ice accumulation on building roofs, and inside gutters and downspouts.

Left unchecked, ice dams foster meltwater migration and accumulation, resulting in leaks, structural damage, and with enough load, a collapsed roof. By melting ice and providing a path for meltwater to flow freely, from the roof to the ground, the RG Trace Cable De-Icing System protects properties from damages caused by ice dam formation.

Being self-regulating, EasyHeat RG Trace Cable automatically varies its heat output as the surrounding temperature changes. The cable’s outer jacket is both waterproof and UV resistant to withstand harsh weather conditions for years, while a tinned copper braid installed over two protective inner jackets provide a safe, continuous ground path.

EasyHeat RG Trace Cable is available to order on reels up to 1,000 ft, for cut-to-length convenience in the field. Exceptionally versatile, the system is suitable for use on asphalt or wood shingles, metal roofing, synthetic rubber, thermoplastic, modified bitumen (“membrane”), and virtually every other type of roofing material.

The EasyHeat RG Trace Cable De-Icing System includes everything necessary for a complete, cost-efficient, and hassle-free installation. EasyHeat RG Trace Cables are UL and CSA approved for roof application to existing structures and new construction.