Coburn‘s new Express Dehorners for dehorning/debudding calves and goats are available in two styles, providing producers the best option for their operation.

Express Propane Dehorners are economical, lightweight and come with hose lengths of 5’ and 15’. Each Express Propane Dehorner comes with a fuel regulator to help reduce fuel waste. Propane Gas Dehorners heat to 1,200oF, in less than three minutes. Units come with reversible brass 11/16” and 13/16” Express Dehorning Tip (14020), hose, regulator, hex key and flint striker. Additional Express 3/5” Goat Dehorning Tip (14015) is available.

Express Portable Dehorners are built to last and designed for easy use. It operates using an Express High-Powered Fuel Cartridge (446) consisting of butane, propane, and propylene to ensure a hot, consistent fuel source. It reaches working temperature in three to five minutes. Units come with metal carrying case, one Express High-Powered Fuel Cartridge, and a hex key.

Debudding at the youngest age possible dramatically reduces stress on the calf, encouraging quicker gains. When dehorning/debudding it is crucial to follow pain management practices recommended by your veterinarian, and it is also essential to follow the instructions included with the Express Dehorners.