Diamond W Corrals has unveiled its Cow-Calf Corral Expander. With an expansive 1,000-square foot of extra working space, the Cow-Calf Corral Expander consists of a 40-foot panel with an additional six panels—three on each end. The unit can be used alone or as an addition to expand an existing setup. The 46-foot unit weighs 4,840 pounds and is transported on four 11L15 implement tires. Panels roll on two 13-inch tires and four 10-inch casters. The two 4-foot walk-through gates ensure an easy exit from either end.

Other features include:

  • Transport safety chains
  • Side, rear, turn, clearance, and transport lights to safely move equipment
  • Two 5,000-pound jacks for stabilization
  • Four winches with safety chains to help relieve the pressure on the winches
  • 2 5/16-inch ball hitch with multiple height adjustments
  • Four outriggers, two on the mainframe and two on the panels that dig into the ground.

Another unit is the 36-foot-long Cow-Calf Corral with dual rear wheels and a 2-inch ball hitch. The unit travels on six 11L15 implement tires. Adding to ease and safety, there are three 4-foot personal gates and four 6-foot cattle gates. 

Regardless of the model, each of the three pieces can be attached to make one large unit. A rancher can set up the 3 pieces in 10 minutes each. Each piece is sold separately.

Visit www.diamondwcorrals.com or call 580-596-3381.