Memory features, motion detection, brightness, variable intensity, and low profile set Optronics’ new Opti-Brite Diamond Series LED Interior Lamps apart from others.

The thin, surface-mount lamps are dimmable and able to remember previous intensity settings. Diamond Series lamps are designed for broad interior application flexibility and can be wired to operate manually or use their passive infrared sensors (PIR) to automatically illuminate in the presence of human movement.

The distinctive diamond-shaped lamps feature daylight LEDs that emit light within the color temperature range of natural sunlight. At just half an inch thick, the surface-mount, hardwired lamps can be installed on ceilings, in compartments, under cabinets, and virtually anywhere else light is needed inside a vehicle.

 “Opti-Brite Diamond Series Lamps are compact, bright and feature-rich, and with their memory function, they are like nothing else on the interior lighting market,” Marcus Hester, vice president of sales and marketing for Optronics International, said. “Their low profile allows these lamps to be mounted almost anywhere, and their built-in intelligence enables them to provide and remember precisely the amount of illumination the user needs.”

The Opti-Brite Diamond Series LED Interior Lamps come in two sizes and are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2020.

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