Effective soil sampling and testing service is gaining interest across the United States, as the E4 Crop Intelligence company continues to expand its coverage. Although E4’s customers are primarily based in Iowa and Nebraska, its soil testing service has spread in recent years, and now includes growers throughout the central corridor of the United States, in the northwest and across the southeast.

Outside of its Iowa and Nebraska farmers, the company works with customers in the central U.S. from North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin all the way south to Texas. They have also soil sampled as far northwest as Idaho and Washington, and extended southeast to Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. With its roots in the Woodbine area, E4 has worked hard over the past 20 years to establish itself as an independent leader in the agriculture industry.

E4’s unique approach to soil testing has appealed to growers across the country and agriculture industry. Its precision agriculture experts use GPS technology to pinpoint sampling spots and collect soil that is tested by approved lab partners. Data pulled from these samples is inputted into E4’s software platform, which generates maps and customized prescriptions based on a customer’s needs and budget. The prescriptions themselves can then be shared and interfaced with many major branded softwares in the agriculture industry.

“Our crop consultants and expert soil pullers are committed to bringing all customers valuable insight that they can use in their fields,” said Greg Reisz, president and owner of E4 Crop Intelligence. “After 20 years in business, we’ve become soil sampling experts and take pride in helping growers across the United States make informed crop decisions.”