If you are a farmer and you hear the term “PTO,” you probably have an instant headache. We know PTOs are incredibly useful, and as farmers, we need them to get the job done, but connecting the implements can be a daunting task.

What if we told you there is an easier way to connect the implements to the tractor? The Easy Connect PTO Adapter is just what you need.  Whether you are an expert with tractors or a first-time user, the PTO adapter will change your life.

What is a PTO Adapter?

The term PTO is short for power take-off.  The PTO adapter is used to connect separate implements to your tractor, and it will use your tractor’s engine to power whatever you connect to it. Common tractor implements use the adapter:

  • Woodchipper
  • Rotary tiller
  • Brush hog
  • Finish Mower

The traditional PTO is innovative and useful, but there are certain concerns that limit effectiveness and efficiency. They are notoriously hard to connect and can cause back injuries due to bending and stretching in awkward positions. The problem with the traditional way of connecting the implement to the tractor output shaft is due to the design.

The problem with the Design

The conventional PTO has three parts: the tractor output shaft, the coupler (attached to the PTO shaft), and a spring-loaded locking device (part of the coupler).  Inside the coupler are six horizontal splines, these splines are spaced about .375” apart.

To connect the implement to the tractor, the operator needs to twist and push the coupler to line-up the splines with the splines on the PTO output shaft on the tractor while pressing the spring-loaded locking pin.

The required dimensional tolerance for the output shaft and the coupler is small with little or no room for rust, dirt, or debris.   This makes it very difficult for the operator to connect the two pieces.

The Solution

The PTO Connect comes in the standard 1 3/8” 6 splines (540 RPM) to fit most implements and tractors. The adapter contains two connectors, one connector for the tractor and another for the implement. The system prevents the need to twist the PTO shaft to lineup the splines when attaching the PTO implements. This task is accomplished by removing the horizontal splines from the coupler and the output shaft and placing them on the face of the adapters.

The splines on the tractor adapter are on a separate plate that will rotate in the left or right direction to line-up with the splines on the implement adapter.

To connect the adapters, all the operator needs to do is slide the tractor and implement connectors together then rotate the inner plate in the left or right direction to line-up with the splines on the implement adapter. Farmers choose this system based on its capability to save time while switching between implements, increasing productivity, and reducing back injuries.

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The Tractor PTO Connect is the quick and easy PTO adapter that works with any 1-3/8” 6-spline coupler on the implements and tractors.