The Blow Hard Bunk Cleaner from S&W Welding, Inc. replaces the back-breaking work of cleaning out cattle feed bunks by hand and with shovels. By using the three point or quick hitch tractor hookup is simple – making it an efficient one-person operation.

Clean feed bunks will keep your cattle from eating old grain. The Blow Hard’s powerful fan works at a speed of 3200 RPM’s. It blasts crusted-over snow out of the bunk, chunks of old feed, dirt, and sand. It also works to clean out bunks after a rainstorm to blow out rainwater and wet feed.

The versatile Blow Hard works on bunks of any shape or size and works in misaligned bunks. An optional fly spraying attachment is available to keep your cattle comfortable in the summer months.

No matter what size operation you have, the original Blow Hard or NEW Super Blow Hard can help end your feed bunk cleaning problems.