End-to-End Precision Solution Designed for Farmers, Agronomists

End-to-End Precision Solution Designed for Farmers, Agronomists

Parrot recently revealed Bluegrass Fields, a new all-in-one package that matches the Parrot Bluegrass drone with an extra sensor and mapping software tailored for use in precision agriculture. The new package aimed at farmers, agronomists, and researchers retails for $4,490.

The Bluegrass Fields kit includes the proprietary ParrotFields mobile mapping app and a one-year subscription to the Pix4Dfields desktop and cloud-based drone mapping software. Buyers will also receive the Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor and a 14 MP front RGB camera for image capture.

“Parrot Bluegrass Fields makes it easier than ever before for professionals such as agronomists, farmers and researchers to map their fields, to scout crops from the air, and to then act directly on the insights they gain,” said Jean-Thomas Celette, Chief Strategy & Product Officer for Parrot Business Solutions. “The seamlessness of this end-to-end solution also showcases the unique strength of Parrot Business Solutions, as it builds directly on Parrot Group’s drone, sensor and software expertise in the agricultural sector.”

With the included software solutions, farmers will have the ability to plan flights and generate real-time NDVI maps, as well as notating and validating data post-flight.

Flight time for the Bluegrass drone reaches up to a relatively standard 25 minutes. To increase total airtime, the kit comes with three batteries and a charger. It will have a flight coverage of up to 160 acres per flight at 400 ft, and has a handy, tailor-made backpack for easy transportation.

Bluegrass Fields packages begin shipping at the end of November.