In a barn filled with livestock, an uncontrolled flying insect population is a significant cause of discomfort and annoyance to animals. An evening with your friends and family on the patio fighting mosquitoes is nobody’s idea of a good time. Beyond the sheer annoyance these pests cause humans and animals of all types, they can also transmit a variety of diseases, creating critical health problems that can negatively affect you and your animals.

A natural option for controlling flying pests is an environmentally-friendly, low-odor pesticide called Py-Tech, a product safe enough for humans, yet effective enough to control pests in livestock areas. Manufactured by Pro-Tech Livestock Corporation, Py-Tech contains two active ingredients: pyrethrum, derived from a specific member of the chrysanthemum family, and an extract of the sassafras root. The two actives are combined with an emulsion system to prevent product separation. Py-Tech is formulated without petroleum distillate fillers, so there won’t be oily walls or floors to contend with and no petroleum to ingest.

Py-Tech is effective in a hand-held spray bottle, but if you want pest control on ‘autopilot,’ consider their automatic timer-controlled misting systems. Pro-Tech Livestock’s fully automatic application systems make using their Py-Tech insecticide a breeze. Let their automatic misting systems “do the job” while you attend to more pressing matters. Their automatic misting systems offer multiple spray duration choices and easy-to-use control timers. Pro-Tech builds these units with high-quality, heavy-duty components for low maintenance and longevity.

Their most popular model is the SS50. It operates on a 1/3hp motor, with a 100-gallon per hour brass vane pump and sprays up to 50 nozzles, with 1/4” of tubing feed. A smaller model – the SS35 – works on a 1/4hp motor with a 50-gallon per hour brass vane pump. This system also has a 1/4” tubing feed. The largest model is the SS100. It operates on a 1/2hp motor with a 125-gallon per hour brass vane pump. It’s designed to spray up to 100 nozzles, with a 3/8” tubing feed. All three models – the SS35, SS50, and SS100 all have a two-year warranty.