Success on the farm or ranch is a three-legged stool: agronomy (or animal husbandry), marketing, and machinery.

Recognizing this, Ray Bohacz, the Hotrod Farmer, launched the website and Idle Chatter podcast in October of 2018. It is the only known resource to provide a transfer of knowledge regarding the technical aspects of the equipment employed in modern production agriculture.

Ray is a sweet corn grower from New Jersey, a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry, and a technical writer. He has both field dirt and grease under his fingernails.
His mantra is, “Agriculture runs on machinery… but profits on reliability.”

The Idle Chatter podcast quickly gleaned listeners throughout North America and in 67 countries around the globe. As Ray states, “…the machine does not know where it is or the type of operation it is on”.

The Rural Media Group, the owners of RFD-TV, Rural Radio, and the Cowboy Channel, welcomed the Hotrod Farmer to Sirius/XM Channel 147, with the debut of Farm Machinery Digest Radio on January 2, 2021.

The show airs Saturday at 11:00 am Eastern with an encore Sunday at 6:00 pm Eastern.

The Hotrod Farmer is humbled to become part of rural America’s most important network and the opportunity that it presents to help prosper those in every aspect of agriculture.

It is a mission that he does not take lightly.