Farm Rescue has steadily increased its capacity to help more producers each year, including a growing number of ranch families. The nonprofit added haying assistance services in 2012 and recently completed “Operation Hay Lift”, in which hundreds of loads of hay were delivered to ranchers affected by severe drought. The livestock feeding assistance program provides a short-term means of sustaining cattle herds when ranchers are unable to perform the work themselves. “We are proud to continue offering this service to area ranchers,” said Bill Gross, Founder & President, Farm Rescue. “We recognize the challenges that hard-working ranchers face on an ongoing basis. Livestock still needs to be fed when crisis strikes unexpectedly, and it’s our goal to provide timely livestock feeding assistance when a ranch family is in the recovery phase of a major injury, illness or natural disaster.” The North Dakota-based nonprofit now provides support in six states throughout the Midwest and offers livestock feeding assistance throughout its entire service area. As with all Farm Rescue services, livestock feeding assistance is provided through the work of volunteers. The organization is seeking additional volunteers for this ranch-focused program. Anyone interested in joining the Farm Rescuer family of volunteers to help ranchers should submit a volunteer form at