A new grassroots organization, Farmers For Innovation (FFI) released the following statement on launching the Farmers For Innovation movement as Americans look for solutions to recover from the economic crisis created by the pandemic of 2020:

“These are challenging times. The pandemic has placed stress upon the American economy unlike any other since the Great Depression. At the same time, the Coronavirus pandemic has inspired a reevaluation of America’s security and the country’s interests in the global economy. Our security and our capacity to produce and ensure our supply chains are becoming inextricably linked.

“It is time to bring back these capabilities to America and to invest in innovative solutions that will perpetuate our own success as farmers by making our work more effective and more efficient,” said David Kolsrud, FFI’s Founder.

“By working together, Farmers for Innovation can create a movement to empower farmers to make their money go farther and ultimately lead to the prosperity of rural Americans.”

David Kolsrud is a lifelong farmer and military veteran who has spent 25 years in the renewable energy industry, with expertise in ethanol, biodiesel, and wind projects.

He was the Cooperative Manager at Agri-Energy LLC in Luverne, MN from 1995 until its sale to GEVO in 2010. In 2006, Kolsrud formed DAK Renewable Energy and in 2011 founded The Funding Farm in order to invest in start-up companies.

Kolsrud sees Farmers For Innovation’s mission as an investment in rural America’s future. By serving as a platform to motivate the government to incentivize farmers at scale, FFI plans to leverage rural America’s resources and create an investment fund to fuel companies that will transform farmers’ lives. These companies will develop direct and indirect applications of technology to the challenges that farmers are currently facing now or will have to confront.

By investing in innovative technologies such as ag-tech, life sciences, robotics, clean energy, national security, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, FFI will safeguard America’s security and ensure the livelihood of farmers and their families for generations.

Farmers For Innovation wants Main Street to have a voice as loud as Wall Street. FFI will be a trusted partner to direct the investments of farmers to high-performing companies in multiple arenas with products and services that will ultimately perpetuate the success of Rural America.