Their three-day Soil Health Academy regenerative agriculture schools have improved the lives, profits, and futures of hundreds of farmers and ranchers throughout North America.

But Ray Archuleta, Gabe Brown, Shane New, and Allen Williams, Ph.D. want to do even more. So, to teach the transformational power of regeneration to tens of thousands of producers, as well as educators, chefs, gardeners, policymakers, and others—across the globe—these four soil whisperers have created “Regen Ag 101.”

“Regen Ag 101 provides a virtual platform to deliver the rich content from our on-farm schools to everyone who wants to attend them,” said Williams, one of the course’s creators.

An online, self-paced, interactive media experience, Regen Ag 101 contains video lectures, case studies, and supporting research gleaned from the very best of Soil Health Academy live workshops across the U.S., according to Williams. “This course will provide users with the virtual experience of attending an in-person school, but with all of the convenience of doing so at a time and place of their choosing,” he said. 

“Through Regen Ag 101, we provide the foundational knowledge and understanding of regenerative principles and practices that will allow our fellow farmers and ranchers to practically and profitably make the transition from chemical and tillage-dependent conventional agriculture to soil health-focused regenerative agriculture,” Williams said. “In addition, the course provides a comprehensive look at how regenerative agricultural principles and practices affect ecosystem function, the nutrient density of food, and other wide-ranging benefits.”

The course consists of nine documentary instruction modules featuring Archuleta, Brown, New, and Williams, who teach the core principles of regenerative agriculture that they have pioneered over the past 30 years. Regen Ag 101 represents an enormous opportunity to reach and teach far more people than would ever be possible through the in-person, on-farm schools.

“With Regen Ag 101, each student gets ‘e-book’ control over the video and supplemental media to search, read, watch and interact with all of the content,” Williams said. “Best of all, through this platform, we can reach a vast, worldwide audience.” 

“Increasing interest in regenerative agriculture during the past several years, combined with the popularity of the Netflix movie ‘Kiss the Ground,’ has generated a groundswell of interest that we never could have imagined,” Williams said. “Regen Ag 101 comes along at just the right time and provides the perfect platform to meet this long-term demand—and to seize the opportunity to deliver quality education to those who want to regenerate our soil, our farms, our ecosystems, and our future.”

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