May Wes proudly announces that it has won 2018’s Made in Minnesota Manufacturing Awards Best Game-Changing B2C Product Award for its new G4 Stalk Stompers.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for our game-changing G4 Stalk Stomper,” said Jack Daggett, president of May Wes and its parent company Pride Solutions. “May Wes developed the original Stalk Stomper more than 45 years ago, and we’ve been working directly with farmers to improve the product continuously. The G4 features our most innovative design changes to date thanks to the team effort of our staff who collaborated with several test farmers.”

Based on farmer feedback, the G4 Stalk Stomper features a simplified and space-saving torsion design that eliminates the spring, chain, pivot bolt and other bulky features found in most Stalk Stompers, making it much easier for one person to install, remove and reposition for transport or storage. It is available for a wide range of corn heads.

The G4 is much more compact with an 11.5” shorter profile than previous models, providing more clearance for track combines and hassle-free storage and transport on folding corn heads. May Wes widened the G4’s shoe to 12” for optimal stalk leveling and reduced its weight by 25 percent. Manufactured from ½” thick, durable UHMW poly instead of steel, the G4’s shoe smoothly glides across the field and features a raised tail to prevent accidental reverse damage.

The G4 Stalk Stomper is ideal for track combines and folding headers. It can be used on all rows to flatten and fan-out the stalk, allowing air and moisture to accelerate decomposition, or it can be used on just the rows in front of combine tires and tracks to prevent costly stubble damage. Two to 18-row kits are available.