New items were added to Patriot’s ever-expanding product line, including a gate wheel, a gate anchor, a one-way lockable gate latch, and a small or large two-way lockable gate latch.

The zinc-coated gate wheel can be used with 1 5/8” – 2” OD round tube gates. Not only does the gate wheel provide a smoother and easier means of opening and closing gates, it’s designed to prevent normal sagging of gates.

The gate anchor is designed for 1 ¾” – 2” OD round tube gates. This handy tool is simple to use and will hold a gate open for easy livestock movement, making any shorthanded day a breeze.

The three new gate latches can be opened one-handed from the inside or outside. The latches are designed for round tube gates ranging from 1 ¼” – 2” OD. The latches provide a simple and secure way to keep livestock contained and can be padlocked for increased security.