If you’re looking to maximize your yields this year, PowerFlex Trax™ with TerraForm™ suspension can help you cover more acres efficiently and get in the field earlier.

As we near the fall, it’s crucial to make the most out of your harvesting window and maximize your time in the field. Fortunately, track technology from Case IH can deliver the efficiency boost you need to get more grain in the bin, regardless of what mother nature throws at you.

To help widen your harvest window and get you in the field earlier, PowerFlex Trax with TerraForm suspension provides greater flotation and flexibility. The improved header-to-ground-following performance from the increased flotation and flexibility gives you additional grain savings and yield. This also results in less soil compaction and more uptime regardless of the conditions.

Compaction has a domino-like effect on your soil quality, robbing it of essential nutrients and discouraging crop growth for years to come. A high-quality track system will let you harvest at an increased speed while decreasing ruts and compaction so you can make sure your time in the field is well-spent.

Not only will you see the results when you check the grain bin, but you’ll also feel the improvement while you’re in the cab. PowerFlex Trax with TerraForm suspension utilizes a fully suspended suspension system to give you a smoother ride, whether you’re transporting at roading speeds up to 25 mph or harvesting over the toughest terrain. The reduced vibration and shock aren’t just a small detail. The extra operator comfort will reduce fatigue during long harvest days.

Your wallet will thank you, too, as a gentler ride lowers your repair frequency. The roll-isolation design, which prevents tracks from overheating or premature wear when roading even when on the crown of the road, will also help minimize in-season maintenance.

A limited harvesting window leaves little time for wasted motion and tough field or roading conditions shouldn’t derail your operation. You need to ensure you make every day as productive as possible. When you upgrade to PowerFlex Trax with TerraForm suspension, you’ll see and feel what maximum efficiency is.