Operating a brush mulcher from a skid steer is probably the most comfortable way for vegetation management. Your work is directly in front of you, and technological advancements in skid steer design have focused on operator comfort.

The MS960 Brush Mulcher from Baumalight is a 60” heavy-duty brush mulcher with a 75” wide path. It has become a popular model for mulching with average- to large-sized skid steers.

The heart of a Brush Mulcher system is in the design of the rotor. The 900 Series rotor teeth are available in either double carbide-tipped ripper or single blade planer style. The carbide ripper tooth is an excellent general use tooth for mulching with lots of ground contact. If there are not many stones, the planer tooth is more efficient.

The 900 series skid steer mulchers also come with a larger pressure gauge, which is very handy for keeping an eye out see how close you are to maximum pressure. Monitoring pressure is critical; once you start blowing over the relief, the mulcher becomes unproductive.

The MS960 Brush Mulcher comes equipped with a push bar, directional felling hook, and optional 2-speed motor. This new mulcher has been properly tested, and a great number of them have been sold.