Now that the holidays are over, you’re left to put all the decorations and lights away again. If you’re tired of tangled lights, unorganized ornaments and post-Christmas chaos, here are some simple tips to help with storage. You’ll be able to organize your holiday decorations, making next year’s decorating easier.

1. Wrap Your Lights Around Cardboard

Use a piece of cardboard to keep your lights from getting tangled. Cut slits along the sides of the piece of cardboard, and wrap the lights around it, using the slits to keep the strands separated. You can stack the cardboard in a storage bin, removing the hassle of tangled lights for next year.

2. Use Storage Bags for Lights

To keep strings of light separate from each other, you can also use plastic storage bags. Put a strand of lights in its own individual bag to keep them from getting tangled with other strands.

3. Use a Tree Bag

If you have an artificial Christmas tree, use a tree bag to store it. It’s a lot easier to contain the tree in a pliable bag than trying to stuff it back in the box it came from. Plus it helps keep the tree free from moisture, dust and pests.

4. Store Ornaments in Egg Crates

Keep your ornaments safe and organized by using egg cartons. Not only are you recycling and reusing egg cartons you already have, but they’re also easy to store and stack with the rest of your Christmas decorations.

5. Use an Ornament Storage Box

If you have ornaments that are bigger or different sizes, an ornament storage box can come in handy. Most storage boxes are stackable, too, so you can store all of your holiday decorations together in one organized space.

6. Store Wrapping Paper in a Garment Bag

Instead of trying to find a spot for all the leftover wrapping paper, use a garment bag to neatly store it. Not only will you save space, you can easily see what wrapping paper you have for the next year.

7. Use a Wrapping Paper Storage Box

You can also use a wrapping paper storage box to organize your wrapping paper. This helps prevent them from getting crushed, and it stands upright to help you save floor space. Some even come with a clear top so you can always see the wrapping paper.

8. Label All Your Storage Containers

This is one of the easiest ways to get organized. Label your ornaments, tabletop decorations, lights and more. By doing this, you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for, instead of having to open every storage box and dig through everything.

9. Designate a Storage Space

Create a designated space specifically for your holiday decorations. Whether it’s in the basement, the garage or a different space in your home, keep all your holiday decorations together. This goes for every holiday – you can even color coordinate storage bins for each season to help make it even easier to find what you’re looking for.

10. Put Gift Wrapping Supplies in a Storage Cart

Each small shelf or bin can be used for gift tags, bows, ribbon, tissue paper and more – plus you can easily wheel the storage cart away out of sight and into storage. This works great all year round for all your gift wrapping needs.