Every operation is looking to diversify its offerings as a way to cushion against an unstable market and the toll of unfavorable weather. Increase your range with a truck equipment install from Brehmer Mfg., Inc.

Brehmer offers a range of equipment including truck bodies, wet kits, tag and pusher axles, toolboxes, custom fenders, flatbeds, frame alterations, and other accessories and upgrades. When it comes to working with customers, nothing matters more to Brehmer than your satisfaction. “It’s important to make sure that you get what you want,” says Chad Brehmer, truck equipment project manager at Brehmer Mfg.

“We make sure that the equipment is installed the right way and if you have any issues after install, we take care of it. That’s the Brehmer way.”

Brehmer offers a variety of truck bodies that are perfect for small-to-medium farming, cattle, and dairy operations. Products are built in Lyons, NE, 40 miles south of Sioux City, IA. With Brehmer, you can increase your hauling options for silage or grain with steel or aluminum boxes. Choose from 16’ or 25’ lengths with smooth internal designs, four-inch channel cross members, and customizable features that fit your application.

Need to haul more weight? Brehmer can install an auxiliary lift axle that impacts your hauling capacity. Most other fabricators will cut and add to your truck frame at multiple points, adding extra welds. As a result, it increases the chance of failures at these modified points. In comparison, Brehmer uses a better-engineered approach.

According to Chad, “We cut and extend at the proper points. This reduces the weld points and, most importantly, maintains the structural integrity of your truck frame.”

Visit www.brehmer.com/truck-equipment or call 888-687-2655 and ask for Chad.

ABOVE: Brehmer builds steel and aluminum silage and grain boxes that can be customized for your operation. Shown here is a 25’, Brehmer built silage box with a Scott lift and Ridewell Suspension auxiliary axle.