Agriculture is one of the most dangerous professions in the United States. According to research carried out by OSHA, farm tractors accounted for 1,533 deaths between 2003 and 2011. In fact, vehicles were the leading source of death or injury for youth residing or working on farms. Traffic accidents involving tractors and farm machinery have remained in rural areas.

Hazards to workers from tractors and other farm machinery can be caused by a number of reasons. Design of modern machinery has led to significant performance improvements, but the nature and size of these machines mean operator visibility can often be impaired.

Blind spots are a huge contributory factor in many incidents involving agricultural machinery. The shape, size, and elevated operator positions all limit the field of vision for an operator making it difficult to spot objects or people in the immediate vicinity. If a serious accident occurs, any productivity gains could be lost, with farmers facing insurance claims and even prosecution.

Brigade Electronics INC is at the forefront of improving safety conditions for agricultural workers with a range of safety solutions suitable for tractors, combines, and other agricultural machinery.

Brigade’s complementary range of safety devices helps prevent collisions by assisting drivers and operators while protecting people working nearby. One of Brigade’s most popular products is its revolutionary Backeye®360. The 360-degree intelligent camera monitor system completely eliminates blind spots by providing a bird’s-eye view of a vehicle’s surroundings in real time, which is fed back to the driver via a monitor mounted inside the cab.

To enhance safety even further, Brigade also offers a range of other products including radar obstacle detection, reversing and warning alarms, and mobile digital recorders. Brigade’s products have helped to transform farming safety for its customers all over the world – not just while being used on farmland, but also when they’re out on public roads.