The Blue Vantage™ planter display and the Blue Drive™ electric drive are the first two products introduced by Kinze Electronics, and will be available for the 2019 planting season on the Kinze 3660 and 4900 planters.

To create the most user-friendly display on the market, Kinze collaborated with many farmers throughout the development and testing of the Blue Vantage™. The new Blue Vantage™ display communicates with the planter to know how it is configured making it easy to simply confirm the settings on three screens and you are ready to plant.

Blue Vantage™ is intuitive and easy to use – display can be powered up and ready to use in three taps. It has the most comprehensive diagnostic screen available on the market, providing detailed information on all system components when you need it. A single screen provides all critical planting parameters and controls. Row-by-row mapping lets you observe planting performance in real-time.

The new Blue Drive™ electric drive system is designed to seamlessly integrate with the new Blue Vantage™ display to analyze critical planting data and deliver seed exactly where it needs to be. Blue Drive™ has an optimized communication architecture which gives detailed information on all system components when you need it.

There are few moving parts – no chains, drive shafts, clutches or gearboxes, and is weather and water resistant.