Krone says customers are really going to like the “new-look” of the Krone 2018 Comprima Round Baler—the only round baler offering the exclusive Krone belt and slat system for building superior, denser bales in any crop, from straw, to dry hay, to wet hay for baleage.

This Comprima features a new camless pick-up design that delivers better feeding and less wrapping, resulting in more uniform-shaped bales. Like earlier models, this Comprima offers the capacity for those who want to bale more tonnage per day.

The new Comprima offers Krone-backed reliability, as it comes with a free 3-year/30,000 bale warranty on the exclusive Krone NovoGrip™ belt and slat system. Growers can expect Cutting Edge™ Hay Quality, thanks to Comprima’s ability to build higher density bales, particularly ideal for silage bales.

Choose from a variety of bale chamber sizes in both fixed, variable, and the Krone exclusive semi-variable model.