A hog carcass can top the scales at over 700 pounds. Combine this massive weight with the narrow, slippery ground, and you have a serious accident just waiting to happen. A battery-powered Hog Hauler from Overland Carts is the solution for preventing severe injuries to workers while removing animal carcasses. The cart enables operators to safely maneuver hard-to-reach places to extract animal carcasses safely and hassle-free. An added benefit of the Hog Hauler is the reduced labor to get the job done, adding to the business’s bottom line.

Simple to operate, the Hog Hauler comes powered with 50’ of galvanized cable and a 2,000-pound winch. AutoLock automatically locks the wheels when the throttle is not applied. This feature prevents the cart from rolling away from the user and provides easy loading and unloading on inclines. In case of an emergency, an E-Stop button allows the user to stop the cart immediately.

At just 28-½” wide, it fits down the narrow aisles in large finishing hog houses. The handles are 40” in height, so it efficiently clears gate doors. An additional feature of the Hog Hauler is the rear single swivel wheel design for narrow walkways.

“These carts take the backbreaking work out of everyday chores,” said Lucas Goebel (Goebel Farms, Stryker, Ohio). “Both of our carts have worked seamlessly from day one. If you are raising market hogs, you need this cart.”

Proudly made in the USA, the Hog Hauler comes assembled, charged, and ready to use.

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