The Brandt Group announces the addition of an all-new GrainCart series to their established grain handling lineup. The company’s new XT-Series carts make use of an updated tank design and new auger configuration to deliver significant performance benefits over other products currently in the market.

“We’ve designed these carts from the ground up for ease of operation,” says Brandt Vice President of Sales, Dealer Channel, Sheldon Gerspacher. “Harvest is a pressure-filled time and the last thing farmers need is a piece of equipment that doesn’t produce. The key is always to keep your combines moving and that is what the XT-Series is all about.”

The new carts employ a unique corner-mount auger design that delivers 8-plus feet of forward auger reach, 15-plus feet of side auger reach, and 13-plus feet of discharge spout clearance. The extra reach and clearance ensure clearer forward visibility from the tractor cab to the discharge spout, allowing operators to work more comfortably and enabling them to be more productive for longer periods during the hectic harvest season.

Brandt has also added a new low-profile modular tank design that eliminates common ledges and catch-points, ensuring faster, more thorough clean-out and minimizing crop switchover times. The new design also incorporates a ground-level access door for safe tank entry for maintenance.

“Harvest is all about productivity and these carts set a new standard for the industry,” concludes Gerspacher. “Our customers have to be able to rely on their equipment when the pressure is on and the XT-Series really delivers!”

Production of the new XT-Series GrainCarts commenced in May of this year and they have already begun shipping to dealers across Canada and the United States.