Larson Electronics has added a new mounting plate to their magnetic mounting lineup. This suction cup steel magnetic mounting plate can be used with any magnetic light up to 20 pounds including: spotlights, flood lights, strobe lights, beacons, warning lights, signal lights, flashers, turn signals, brake lights, hunting lights, fishing lights, off-roading lights and more. The suction cup twist lock mount can be attached securely to any flat non-metallic surface, making this magnetic mounting plate ideal for any location that needs a convenient mounting option indoors and outdoors.

The MMP-4XSCM-24X8 from Larson Electronics is a lightweight suction cup mounting plate with cups constructed from high strength composite and powder coated marine grade aluminum and a plate made from powder coated steel. Designed to work with any flat, non-metallic surface, this sturdy and reliable platform can safely hold a variety of lighting options up to 20 pounds on the magnetic plate. In addition to a durably-built platform, this mount also features a windload for highway speeds.

The special twist lock function of the four 3.3” diameter suction cups makes it incredibly easy to install the mounting plate to the desired location with no drilled required. The mount can be installed on glass, polycarbonate and fiberglass, among other non-ferrous materials. This mount can be placed virtually anywhere, providing operators with maximum flexibility. This damage-free mount is a great option for outdoor applications such as hunting, fishing, and off-roading. The mount can also be used for security, search and rescue, farming operations and any other applications where a removable mount is desired.

“This mounting plate gives operators both flexibility in the placement of their equipment, as well as the ability to remove and move the mount with no damage to any surface,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “The twist-lock suction cups make this mount ideal for fiberglass body equipment and aluminum body vehicles.”