Vecoplan Midwest, LLC has introduced the Containerized Pellet Plant (CPP). This new turn-key plant is housed in a standard shipping container and provides a quick, easy, and affordable solution for 1,000 lbs. up to 16 tons/hr. of pellet production, depending on the material.

The CPP easily adapts to most existing trailer load-out systems. It alleviates the need for expensive buildings and is perfect for processing wood, biomass, feed, manures, and other feedstocks such as straw, corn stover, shucklage, bean stubble, and hemp. These materials can be marketed for fuel, animal bedding, feed pellets, and/or environmentally friendly fertilizer.

This turn-key pellet production plant is designed, built and shipped from Vecoplan Midwest’s New Albany, IN location.

Complete with controls and an approximate 8-hour set-up time, the plant is modular, and is quickly and easily relocated. All you will need is a flat 40’ x 18’ surface and electric feed (480, 3-phase) to the main panel.

After-sales service and parts, installation, and on-site operator training are available.

IMAGE: 3-D Rendering of CPP 520/40/2