DU-HA® Underseat Storage Devices for pickup trucks are now available from May Wes.

Designed to fit under the backseat of pickup trucks, DU-HAs take advantage of unused dead space and are the perfect solution for organizing farm trucks. DU-HAs provide ample storage space to store gear and guns and are available with or without lockable lids. DU-HAs are a legal gun case in most states and include dividers that double as gun racks to hold guns upright.

DU-HAs are available for major truck makes and models, including Ford, GM/Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. They are made specifically for the truck make and model for a perfect fit and are easy to install; simply lift the seat and fasten with included fasteners.

In addition to under-seat storage devices, portable DU-HA totes are available for truck beds and SUVs, and DU-HA HUMPSTOR truck bed storage devices are available for trucks with open beds, Tonneau covers, toppers, and caps.

Roto-molded from heavy-duty polyethylene plastic, DU-HAs are proudly made in the U.S.A. and include a satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.

Visit www.maywes.com or order by phone at 800-788-6483.