Ag-tech startup Consumer Physics recently unveiled SCiO, the world’s first corn moisture analysis solution that provides results in seconds, in the field, directly on the cob, without shelling. SCiO is a pocket-size solution that lets farmers, agronomists, and seed producers test larger areas, project the optimal harvest time, save lab and dry-down costs, and increase yield potential.

Analyzing moisture with SCiO is simple and non-destructive, and best of all, it is carried out in the field. The operation is as easy as scanning five different cobs, tapping the mobile app, and getting the moisture level reading within seconds. The solution’s accuracy and precision are on par with labs, and moisture levels range from 8% to 80%.

The solution is based on SCiO – Consumer Physics’ micro-NIR flagship platform, which is also the world’s first pocket-sized connected micro-spectrometer. The solution includes a pocket-sized analyzer based on NIR Spectroscopy along with a mobile app that sends data to the cloud, where Consumer Physics’ algorithms analyze the data and send back the results in seconds.

Terry Allen, Consumer Physics’ North America Head of Business Development, said: “We successfully transferred NIR technology from the lab into the field, allowing growers and operators to get more data and make better decisions.”

According to Allen, “precise moisture measurement in real-time has a direct impact on the corn business’ bottom line. SCiO was seen to improve forecasting by about 2%-3%, which is likely to save tens of thousands of dollars on an average 1000-acre field.”

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