There was a time when the only way for farmers to check the levels of grain or feed in their bins was to climb to the top of the bin and look inside, but with a new product called the LevALERT® Indicator Model 9700, those days are long gone.

The LevALERT allows farmers to instantly check their bin levels while standing on the ground from as far away as 400 feet, day or night, improving the safety and efficiency of their operation when managing their bin levels. The new LevALERT also can be fitted with an electrical micro-switch that can activate electric motors, lights or alarms, and can send notifications via phone, email or texts.

The LevALERT is a mechanical device that doesn’t require an electrical power source, so there’s no risk of igniting dust. A flexible activator inside the bin is pushed toward the bin wall by the granular material, turning the indicator on the outside of the bin bright yellow. When the material recedes, the indicator resets itself to black.

“We’ve been producing bin level indicators for the last 32 years and have learned a lot from our customers,” said Tom Johnson, owner, and CEO of LT J Enterprises, which invented and produces the LevALERT. “We’ve used that feedback to develop a superior product that is twice as big, easier to see and can be installed in five minutes from outside the bin thru one small 1-1 /8” diameter hole.”

“The really exciting feature, though, is its ability to activate other equipment or notify individuals with an email or text,” he continued. “That’s a game-changer for many farmers when it’s critical, for example, that they know how full their feed bins are for livestock, or when trucks are filling and emptying bins.”

In the past, the primary application for the LevALERT was agricultural-related, but the new Model 9700’s unique design makes it ideal for industrial uses as well. Pellets, fertilizer, minerals, dry chemicals, sand, salts, and powders are among the many types of materials that can be monitored with the LevALERT in corrugated or flat-walled bins.