Beautifully manicured lawns and gardens are a source of pride for many property owners. Nothing beats stepping outside of your home or relaxing after a hard day of work and seeing a beautiful, healthy, and vibrant lawn that turns heads.

A lawn doesn’t become beautiful by itself. The type of mower used to cut the grass is one of the most critical components for creating a beautiful oasis. Walker Mowers has focused on developing and producing their unique line of compact, maneuverable, mid-size riding mowers and attachments.

Since the early 80’s, their equipment has filled a niche for discriminating property owners who appreciate a high-quality cut. The Walker was explicitly designed to meet a need, not just to fill a market.

Walker believes a mowing deck should have one purpose: To cut grass beautifully in a single pass. With a Walker, the grass is lifted, cut, and processed evenly across the cut width to create stripes that draw attention, without the need for bulky rollers or more equipment.

Each Walker deck style and size is treated as a unique engineering opportunity, and has a variety of interchangeable deck sizes, up to 74”. Fundamental for high-quality mowing is where the mowing deck is placed. The deck on a Walker is in front of the machine, creating a small footprint that comfortably fits in and out of tight places, where many other riding mowers don’t fit.

The low profile, front-mount deck on the Walker, allows greater reach to trim underneath low hanging trees, split rail fence and other landscape features. Berms, rolling contours, irregular areas, landscaped beds and virtually any other area usually found on large properties that can be cut by a walk-behind mower and trimmer can be mowed faster and more efficiently with a Walker.

Another Walker advantage is the clearance of sight for the operator. Safe operation and a beautiful cut are further enhanced with a complete view of the mower deck and the grass surrounding it.

The operator positioning balances weight distribution to create a low center of gravity which is light on the turf, reducing impact and avoiding the deep rutting mowers create. The Walker immediately goes where you tell it to with little effort thanks to the precise combination of finger-tip steering and the cruise control function of the Forward Speed Control.

Besides cutting grass beautifully, Walker Mowers are also true workhorses with the ability to handle several attachments and implements, keeping the machine productive year round.

The out-front mowing platform easily handles many different attachments and implements to keep the machine productive during all seasons. Customize your Walker with several options available.

The best way to experience the Walker Advantage is trying to request a free demo on your own property.

Walker Mowers is celebrating 40 years since the creation of their first mower and the production of the 150,000th mower with a 3-day event hosted at our factory in Fort Collins, Colorado. There will be something for everyone – family reunion, fair, music festival and more.