Amity Technology has introduced its Crop Chaser™ dump carts, including the CC1000 single-tank model and CC2000 double-tank model. They are designed to improve logistics of many harvest operations, including silage, grain, and specialty crops. The dump carts feature a track undercarriage, which greatly reduces compaction and improves flotation when compared with trucks or wheeled dump carts.

The Crop Chaser series was engineered to add reliability and consistency to harvest operations. Trucks can be kept on field headlands, allowing crews to run more consistently with fewer weather delays, while helping to prevent the trucks from dragging large amounts of mud onto roadways. Furthermore, one cart load equals one truck load in most cases, providing a better flow of trucks running to the storage site, compared to using smaller dump carts.

The CC1000 single-tank model includes patented independent front and rear live wall chains for controlled unloading. It uses four hydraulic remotes for the tank lift cylinders and chains, giving operators maximum control over the dump rate. The CC2000 double-tank model has two separate tanks to split the load for natural control and stability when one tank is dumped at a time. Special load holding valves provide added safety by preventing the load from moving in case of an unforeseen hydraulic issue.

An integrated scale is standard on the Crop Chaser dump carts to further improve harvest logistics by eliminating the need for trucks to run over a scale before dumping. Three sensors (one on each track and one on the hitch) provide a highly accurate weight measurement of each load.

Other standard features include concentrated greasing locations for quick and easy routine maintenance and work lights for enhanced night-time visibility. A camera system is optional to better monitor loading and unloading from the cab. The CC1000 and CC2000 can be ordered with a left- or right-hand dump. The modular design of these carts also allows the dump side to be flipped later in the shop if desired.

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