GVM’s new award-winning Double Duty Twin Chain offers four section swath width control and a wide, accurate spread pattern. Unique control systems, patented funnel control, and patented reverse rotating spinners combine to make the Double Duty spreaders a trusted name in the industry.

The Double Duty and Double Duty Twin Chain spreaders produce a repeatable, predictable, and consistent pattern, every time. It spreads a guaranteed 90-120-foot pattern without time-consuming spinner, funnel, or chute adjustments between materials or rates. The unique funnel design carefully directs material flow ensuring a consistent and accurate spread pattern.

The Double Duty Twin Chain provides users with quick, automatic adjustability, spreading multiple widths and varying rates from a prescription map on any virtual terminal. The new system is perfect for spreading around waterways, point rows, and boundaries, consistent with the 4R nutrient stewardship program.

The swath width control system utilizes twin bar chains with individual shutoffs and a pneumatically controlled, adjustable-vane funnel to direct product. The precise placement of product onto the spinner discs control the width and direction of the spread pattern. When combined with individual chain shut-off, up to four individual spread sections are possible.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) has named GVM’s Double Duty Twin Chain spreader body as a winner of a 2018 AE50 award.