Wilger’s Electronic Flow Monitoring System and Electronic Flowmeter are built from the ground up for consistency and dependability on the farm. With an easily serviceable flowmeter and simple flow monitoring system app, it allows custom threshold monitoring for blockage and any rate irregularities.

The flowmeter becomes necessity with the importance of a consistent fertilizer or chemical application, which are plagued by blocked lines, incorrect orifices, blown product hoses, micro-dosing, and chemicals that are too dark to visually monitor. (E.g. humic acid (coffee black), Paralign™ Fertilizer (blood red), Copper mixes, etc.)

The system goes far beyond what a visual flow indicator system can provide, giving the actual flow row-by-row, instead of relying on pressure gauges, visual flow indicators or a single system flowmeter. The EFM system can simply be retro-fitted to existing visual flow indicator assemblies, simply being added in-line with the common O-ring seal (ORS) connections.