The Propane Education & Research Council announces the addition of an agronomic heat treatment systems equipment category for its 2020 Propane Farm Incentive Program, which offers up to $5,000 off of qualifying propane-powered equipment. This year’s list of equipment includes irrigation engines, generators, water heating systems, building heating systems, flame weed control systems, and agronomic heat treatment systems.

Sponsored by PERC, the Propane Farm Incentive Program is a nationwide research and demonstration initiative that offers farmers financial incentives toward the purchase of new propane-powered farm equipment, in exchange for sharing feedback and real-world performance data. The program helps offset the cost of new agricultural equipment so that farmers can experience the many benefits of propane technology with upfront savings.

“This year’s program is similar to those of the past, but we’re excited to introduce a new category of qualifying equipment with agronomic heat treatment systems—which use heat to reduce presticide use, improving crop quality and offering a new organic, sustainable solution for farmers,” said Mike Newland, Director of Ag Business Development at PERC.

“We hope these incentives will help more producers take advantage of the many benefits of new propane-powered equipment, and we appreciate the valuable feedback they provide to help us continue to make improvements. We have a limited amount of funds available for this program, so we encourage producers to apply as soon as possible to take advantage of these savings.”