Great Plains is continuing to expand its hybrid tillage lineup, offering a new solution for producers called the Qualidisc. The Qualidisc is a versatile, high-speed disk that can be used for both fall and spring applications.

James Shurts, Great Plains Product Manager, said, “The Qualidisc is a flexible hybrid tillage tool that provides sizing and weed control in the fall, then can be used to incorporate residue and level the seedbed in the spring – especially after wintering stalks.”

Offered in 13ˈ, 16ˈ, 20ˈ, and 23ˈ models, the Qualidisc excels in sizing, mixing, and burying residue while producing a quality finish in as little as one or two passes. Due to the unique parallel gang and camber angles of the disc blades, the Qualidisc can operate at shallower depths, from 1″ to 6″, and at faster speeds, up to 12 mph, making it the ideal solution for producers who are looking to cover more acres and achieve more aggressive surface tillage in less time.

Unlike competitive high-speed disc blades, the Qualidisc has an exclusive cone-shaped disc design that achieves complete cutout of the soil profile at all depths and reduces planter bounce. Shurts said, “The discs are uniquely shaped. Compared to the shallow-concavity blades that you see on other high-speed disks, the Qualidisc’s cone-shaped discs maintain a consistent cut at all depths, while leaving a level finish. As the discs wear, the cutting angle remains the same.”

Additionally, lateral adjustments allow the front and rear gangs to be adjusted to pre-define disc wear and to ensure disc overlap for complete soil cutout and optimum tillage performance throughout the lifespan of the blades.

The Qualidisc is also equipped with an active suspension system that dampens movement of the tool during operation to ensure a level finish while also reducing bounce during transport. This improves the effectiveness of the machine at higher speeds in the field and on the road. “Unlike other high-speed disks, the Qualidisc uses an active suspension system – both in transport and field positions,” stated Shurts. “During transport, the system eliminates the ‘hop’ and evens out the machine so you can get down the road at higher speeds. In the field, the system dampens bounce from the rear carriage, keeping it level to provide an even, consistent cut, seedbed, and floor-finish.” For increased stability in rough field conditions, optional gauge wheels can also be added.

Great Plains offers three rear attachments for the Qualidisc: Cage roller for lighter, dry soils; Exclusive ActiPack Roller for medium to heavy, wet soils; and ActiPack with knives to increase clod breakdown and prepare a final seedbed. Additionally, each unit comes with a standard two-year warranty.

The Qualdisc is ideal for min-till, organic, and livestock producers who are looking to maximize efficiency and performance for their operations.