Curb Roller Manufacturing, the world leader in shaped concrete roller screeds, introduces its first modular screed system, the Lynx Screed. This versatile alternative to completing flatwork provides a series of linkable screed pipes to accommodate concrete pours in varying widths from 3 to 22 feet. Unlike traditional roller screeds, the Lynx modular system eliminates the need to purchase dedicated pipe lengths to offer easy adaptability for many pours. In addition, its aluminum design decreases strenuous setup, shipping costs, and transportation requirements for jobs that call for longer pipes.

“Those in the agriculture community have always been very self-sufficient and hands-on,” said Seth Ulmer, Curb Roller Manufacturing sales manager. “With our Lynx Screed, farmers can work on grain bin pads and shed floors in the same day with just a few sections of pipe that can fit in a standard pickup.”

The Lynx modular screed system, compatible with the manufacturer’s Eel and Batt Screeds, is available in two packages. Package one consists of three 7-foot pipes, and package two contains a 5-, 7- and 9-foot pipe. The system can also be customized to include any 3-, 5-, 7-and 9-foot length combination up to 22 feet.

In addition to more versatility over standard roller screeds, the Lynx Screed offers greater ease of use and reliability than other modular systems on the market through its quick and secure field assembly design. The Lynx pipes are easily aligned and connected with three separate bolts and a centering ring.

The operator places the centering ring between two pipes, securely seating them together. From there, the cutouts at the pipes’ ends allow the operator to easily insert three bolts, securing the pipes together by tightening the nut. With this setup, users don’t have to retighten their pipes mid-job or worry about unthreading when changing screeding directions.

The Lynx Screed system eases maintenance and setup using different size nuts and bolts, 9/16 and 11/16, enabling contractors to use a single, standard wrench set for assembly and disassembly. The Lynx setup is completed by bolting drive and static heads to the assembled pipe’s ends and then connecting to Curb Roller Manufacturing’s electric Eel Screed or battery-powered Batt Screed.

“Until recently, those looking for quick, flexible solutions were stuck with using boards, cumbersome A-frame screeds or expandable roller screeds that require constant retightening or special tools,” said Ulmer. “With our stable connection points and the ability for the system to connect to our center pivot kit for grain bins, farmers can easily do an array of concrete work themselves — no hassle, no holdups.”

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