Puck Enterprises recently unveiled its revolutionary new Boom Truck lead pump. The Boom Truck is the latest addition to Puck’s product offerings and will feature top-of-the-line performance and flexibility for liquid transfer customers. 

“We are always continuing to push the envelope with our products, and the Boom Truck doesn’t disappoint,” said Jeremy Puck, President, and CEO of Puck Enterprises. “It will change how our customers in the liquid transfer industry get work done. ‘Excited’ doesn’t begin to describe how we, as a company, feel about the launch of this new product.”

As a lead pump, the Boom Truck represents a big leap in liquid transfer design. It’s manufactured for supreme flexibility and reach, allowing better, easier access to tanks and lagoons. Pumping capabilities are enhanced, as it’s equipped with a CAT 13B DRPTO engine that can achieve maximum power at 577 horsepower. This sort of muscle translates to a 3,200+ gallon per minute pump capacity. Engine control and monitoring with Puck’s LightSpeed™ control system software is available. 

The new truck’s boom utilizes Puck’s suite of hydraulic and electric control systems to ensure that an operator can place the boom exactly where it needs to go. Having this type of boom stability is a game-changer. Boom Truck also boasts a 70-foot boom reach, which is supported by four large outriggers. The boom is controlled wirelessly, meaning an operator can maneuver and spot where the boom is going.

Maneuverability is one of Boom Truck’s biggest assets. This lead pump is considerably more compact than the Puck Honey Badger pump unit and still meets DOT width requirements. That means operators can get to and around the job site quickly and confidently. By combining a smaller package with a powerful chassis, operators can also tow with the Boom Truck, which saves customers valuable time and money being able to move more equipment to their next venture. 

“We know the Boom Truck is destined for greatness because it upholds our company’s principles of quality and innovation,” said Wendy Stribe, Marketing Manager of Puck Enterprises. “Our customers are always looking for ways to get the job done better, more efficiently, and those boxes will undoubtedly be checked when this new lead pump is let loose on the job site.”

Luke Potthoff, Puck Enterprises Sales Manager, added, “This game-changing boom truck will definitely add more versatility on any job site. It will be a terrific addition to Puck’s highly capable line of liquid transfer equipment, across all industries.”