Alliance Tire Americas, has released a new, very high flexion (VF) radial to broaden its popular 381 series implement tire—the Alliance Agriflex+ 381. The Agriflex+ version of the 381 is being launched in the VF320/70R15 154D size, which replaces 12.5L-15 tires on cultivators, disks, farm wagons, utility trailers and other implements.

The new 381 VF can operate at inflation pressures as low as 15 psi, reducing soil compaction compared to bias-ply and conventional radial tires. The new radial also features steel belts and a stubble-resistant rubber compound to dramatically reduce the risk of stalk damage in no-till fields.

“The Alliance Agriflex+ 381 VF320/70R15 is the only tire in its size with steel-belted construction for that added layer of puncture resistance in the field and more uniform heat dissipation when roading,” notes James Crouch, National Product Manager—Agriculture for Alliance Tire Americas. “But what’s more important is that the whole Agriflex+ line is an important part of our commitment to help farmers protect soil health by reducing compaction—not just with VF tires on their tractors and combines, but on any piece of machinery that rolls across the field.”

The zig-zag rib pattern and aggressive shoulder lugs of the Agriflex+ 381’s tread ensure good traction while protecting grass, forage and cover crops from damage. The broad, even footprint reduces soil compaction, and the tire’s D speed rating permits operation at up to 40 mph at proper load and inflation pressure. In fact, says Crouch, the Agriflex+ 381 is designed for equipment that is transported long distances to get field to field. Traditional 12.5L-15s simply aren’t designed for that application.