University scientists and researchers develop integrated and pest management solutions.

The Iowa State University Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is proud to announce the creation of its own YouTube Channel through which to promote the efforts of Iowa State University scientists and researchers in providing means-tested crop and pest management solutions to stakeholders in the state of Iowa and beyond.

At the “Integrated Pest Management Iowa State University” channel, viewers will find content detailing the efforts and reaches of the IPM program, best practices and information, as well as demonstrations on how to properly identify and evaluate various  insect and disease pests, and their impacts on field crops.

“With the creation of a specified channel for Iowa State University IPM, the IPM program will be able to diversify the information and content we create to make it more adaptive, more understandable and more effective in promoting our message,” said IPM Director Daren Mueller, professor of plant pathology and microbiology. “The use of video will further our mission to inform farmers, gardeners and agribusiness professionals of the best crop and pest management techniques, to not only create optimal yields, but to prevent pest resistance and other adverse consequences of chemical misuse.”


IPM Iowa State University YouTube Channel Trailer [VIDEO]