Halverson Wood Products recently introduced the HWP-150 wood processor. The HWP-150 features a hydraulic splitting wedge and more splitting force than the HWP-140B. The HWP-150 can cut and split wood up to 22” in diameter. It comes standard with the 4-way splitting wedge, and the 6-way wedge is available as an optional upgrade.

Halverson Wood Products offers two other models of firewood processors: the HWP-120 and the HWP-140B. Designed for homeowners, the HWP-120 is perfect for cutting between 10-20 cords per year. The HWP-140B is the flagship of the Halverson line and is ideal for professional use. It’s built with 3/8” steel and made for those that cut between 100-200+ cords a year. You can process between 1 to 2 cords per hour with the Halverson firewood processors.

Halverson Wood Products also manufactures a Grapplesaw that opens 48” and can move large logs (28”+). The Grapplesaw includes a saw mounted on the side that can cut large logs and is perfect for storm cleanup and land clearing.

The entire line of Halverson products is a one-person operation, allowing the operator to sit in the comfort and safety of the skid steer cab all year long. The wood processors and Grapplesaw attach to various machines – skid steers, mini-excavators, tractors, and front-end loaders.

Visit www.halversonwoodproducts.com for more information and to watch videos of the products in action.