Thor Manufacturing’s new Conveyair™ Ultima62 grain vac is the next generation of their popular Ultima6. The Ultima62 has several new features designed to improve operator usability while lowering maintenance costs.

The Ultima62 comes with a 6″ suction and a 6″ discharge. Vacuum and pressure gauges are included to aid in optimal machine setup. The dust pail has a new seal design with an additional tension adjustment to maintain “like new” seal performance over the life of the machine. The main cyclone lid is now removable for easy access to install the optional wear liner and for maintenance.

Airlock speed is essential for reaching optimal grain vac performance – the Ultima62’s new digital RPM gauge makes setting the airlock speed simple. It also has an hour meter to keep track of machine usage. A hinged access door on the central cyclone makes it easier to clean out if the machine plugs up, or for removing obstacles from the airlock. The new PTO holder quickly folds out of the way during use and is simple to use for storage or transport with a pickup.

TUFF PolyFlex VHD cleanup hose has been designed specifically for use with Conveyair™ grain vacs and is almost 50% lighter than traditional rubber cleanup hose.

New safety lights and reflectors are standard features on the Ultima62.