Many people have accepted the idea that pet hair is just a part of being a pet owner, but with this foamed glass material, it doesn’t have to be that way, according to Chris Andersen, the inventor, and founder of Fur-Zoff.

Andersen has been developing products from recycled glass for over twenty-five years. His patented technology uses discarded bottles and jars and breaks them down to a powder then remelts and foams them at 1500 degrees to make the lightweight Fur-Zoff.

“When people first touch Fur-Zoff they rarely believe it is glass. It doesn’t look or feel like glass but the millions of hair scale edges on its surface pick up shed hair like magic, and under normal home use you will never wear it out.”

It is also hypoallergenic and odor-free, making it a good choice for anyone with sensitivities to conventional materials, according to Andersen. “It only takes a light sweep and the hair scale raking action of Fur-Zoff grabs and removes loose hair of all kinds. In seconds you can de-fur a pillow and in a few minutes a queen-sized bedspread, the car seats or carpet,” says Andersen. “The durable and portable Fur-Zoff is reasonably priced, but the best thing about the Fur-Zoff is how well it works.”

Initially only available in the auto detailing industry, Fur-Zoff is now available to consumers through retailers and online to help you remove pet hair from your cars, home, and “even right off your pets.”