The PTT Sabre Tooth Planter Disc Opener is designed to cut, rotate and flow moist, granulated soil on top of seed placement for optimal seed-to-soil contact, regardless of soil type or weather conditions. This can speed up early even-emergence, root development and enhanced soil-to-seed contact while lessening sidewall and sub-furrow compaction.

The sabertooth design of this planter disc opener creates a leading blade effect for better penetration and residue-cutting. It works with a shearing action and concentrated force, compared to a standard blade’s sliding and smearing motion — the Sabre Tooth disc opener lifts and fractures sidewalls, aiding easier closing of the seed furrow with standard OEM equipment.  The Sabre Tooth eliminates the need for a leading no-till coulter assembly. Left-hand and right-hand blades are available to prevent planter drift.

PTT blade assemblies are manufactured with high-quality 4mm metal, a reusable forged steel hub and heavy-duty 204 double roller-bearing with 100-degree grade 8 bolts. By design, they will last a long time and maintain fillet and bevel length, while preventing blade stubbing or dulling.