The Ferti-GO 4S is the Salford Group’s new planter mounted, granular, on-board fertilizer applicator. It features a single product hopper, available for mounting on many planter models, with variable rate metering and 4-section control. The hopper has a standard capacity of four tons and is adaptable to reach a capacity of six tons with optional hopper extensions.

“The metering system of the Ferti-GO 4S, which is currently featured on the ST Series and other Salford’s Valmar equipment, has been well liked by our customers. With this metering system, the Ferti-GO 4S allows producers to feed fertilizer to their openers or application coulters accurately at rates low enough to apply in-row pop-up fertilizer. With flexible roller options and a range of application rate abilities, the Ferti-GO 4S can also accurately meter banded starter fertilizer,” said Salford’s Senior Product Manager, Brad Baker.

Mounting legs are available for common late model planters that are designed to carry on-board nutrient systems. By mounting directly on the planter, the Ferti-GO 4S saves producers from difficulties with road transport and maneuverability in field.

Other features include a roll tarp, large open top for filling with a tender truck and optional ISOBUS compatibility.