Sunflower’s new Till Control™ allows operators to precisely monitor and control tillage depth and other tillage implement functions from inside the tractor cab. This technology ensures consistent tillage throughout the field for a more uniform seedbed, maximizing crop performance.

“Soil conditions, soil type and residue levels can vary significantly within a field, affecting the tillage process and ultimately seedbed quality,” says Larry Kuster, AGCO senior product marketing specialist. “An uneven seedbed can negatively impact seed singulation, spacing, planting depth, emergence and as a consequence, impact crop yield.

“The Sunflower Till Control system allows operators to monitor different tillage equipment functions and make any necessary adjustments. Conveniently touching a screen to make equipment adjustments to match changing field conditions goes a long way in achieving a consistent, uniform seedbed. And, it saves growers time and the hassle of making mechanical adjustments,” Kuster explains.

The Till Control system is available on three Sunflower products – the SF6830 high-speed rotary finisher, the SF1436 Series disc harrows and the SF6631 Series vertical tillage tools.

On all three Sunflower tillage implements, the Till Control will allow equipment to communicate with ISO-compliant terminals in tractors.

“Growers who have tested the Sunflower Till Control system have consistently given it high marks for ease of use, convenience of in-cab adjustment capabilities and the benefits of setting the equipment at a specific tillage depth and knowing that’s the exact depth it’s running,” says Kuster. “This latest precision farming tool is impressive and establishes the next generation of products in Sunflower’s tillage lineup.”