For producers who are looking for top-of-the-line planter accuracy but want to get back to the basics, Great Plains has developed the new PL5700 front-fold planters. “The new PL5700 has been purposefully-developed for 30″ rows, which will provide more opportunities for us to reach the corn belt,” says Rye DeGarmo, Vice President of Great Plains Engineering.

Available in 12- and 16-row configurations, producers have their choice of two 50-bu. bulk tanks or new 3-bu. individual hoppers. “Both hopper types incorporate the new styling to make the planters look more modern and improve functionality. The new 3-bu. hoppers help to reduce our transport width down to 12 feet wide. This allows us to deliver these planters from the factory to the dealer with very little dealer setup,” says DeGarmo. These lightweight and low compaction planters also offer producers choices of individual row control (IRC), hydraulic, or ground drive.

The heart of the PL5700 is the new 5000 Series Air-Pro® meter. This simple, positive air pressure meter has been engineered to provide industry-leading singulation for a wide variety of crops, including corn, soybeans, and more. The new meter includes a 66% larger seed pool and a 92% larger seed inlet opening so the meter stays full at higher speeds. With the new 5000 Series Air-Pro meter, producers can experience uniform seed spacing and the highest level of singulation on the market today. Additionally, the new 5000 Series row unit uses ductile cast parallel arms for long-term row unit stability. For transport ease and maneuverability, the planter features a telescoping tongue and the ability to lock wings for transport.

“The PL5700 also features new electronics called ISO-6. This system has six control loops to allow the planter to run on six different controls. In addition to these new electronics, the planter has electric drive, variable rate, turn compensation, and prescription mapping capabilities – giving producers the basic necessities they desire, while avoiding the hassle of complex technology,” says DeGarmo.

The PL5700 planter is a great choice for producers who require precision in the field without the hassle of over-complicated technologies.