Dan-Am Air’s new compressed air piping system is capable of delivering up to 232 psi of clean, dry air. The system costs up to 35% less to install compared to steel or copper. The piping is lightweight, aircraft-grade, powder-coated aluminum. The system is modular, energy efficient and corrosion resistant. You can use it for new installations, or to expand or upgrade your current system.

The systems won’t leak, and DanAm guarantees this. Reinforced composite nylon fittings dual seals rest on unscraped pipe. The Press-to-Connect fittings feature a full-bore design for turbulence free air delivery. The quick, instant connection eliminates the need for thread, solder or glue. Installation time is faster compared to traditional copper or black pipe.

Three shop kit options are available to accommodate your shop or garage. Each kit is a complete air line piping system and is quick and easy to install. You can do it yourself, or have it professionally installed.

Dan-Am stocks a wide selection of threaded connectors, adapters, and piping. The system integrates with existing systems without compromising performance. DAA is perfect for a system upgrade or expansion.

Product design and support are available from Dan-Am. Products are on hand and ready to ship. Dan-Am Co. is the Exclusive Importer of SATA Products for the US and Puerto Rico.