Concord has introduced its Disc Drill HD, available in 30-, 40-, 50- and 60-foot widths, for producers requiring superior ground following with the ability to seed many acres per hour. The drills feature Heads-Up Openers, which have been field proven on AGCO’s Sunflower grain drills for years. These double-disc openers have 7.5-inch spacing with the ability to block every other row for 15-inch seeding.

The Concord Disc Drill HD offers an unmatched 24 inches of toolbar travel plus 16 inches of opener travel, allowing the drills to follow some of the most challenging ground contours. A unique parallel linkage design on the Heads-Up Opener keeps each row unit at a consistent angle of attack for maintaining the same seeding depth across terraces and other uneven terrain.

Seeding depth is further maintained by up to 450 pounds of down pressure per row unit, which is achieved by two adjustable springs on the parallel linkage and a hydraulic down pressure cylinder on each toolbar. Pressure is constant throughout the entire range of hydraulic cylinder travel and is controlled by the operator on the go. The control box display allows the operator to monitor down force on the toolbars from the cab. A looped T-handle on each opener allows quick, easy depth adjustments in quarter-inch increments.

The Disc Drill HD openers include patented soil control devices, which contain all of the soil that is displaced from the disc openers, so it can be used to cover the seed trench. This feature allows the drill to travel at faster speeds than competitive units without worry of blowing the soil too far outside of the row to properly close the furrow. Ribbed closing wheels help create the ideal seedbed by closing the seed trench from the side, instead of the top. The closing wheels pivot to follow the furrow when seeding around curves.

Another advantage of the Disc Drill HD opener is the design of the seed tube, which slows the descent of the seed to help prevent it from bouncing out of the trench. The seed is placed at the widest point of the trench, directly below the opener blade axle, to provide the best environment for fast, even emergence and optimal seedling growth. Fertilizer can be placed with the seed in the furrow for maximum efficiency.

The Disc Drill HD can be equipped with optional blockage monitors that detect relative flow of seed and fertilizer to each opener. This technology not only shows if material is flowing, but also if the flow is less than the desired rate.