Sentera recently announced the addition of several significant new features and capabilities to its FieldAgent™ Mobile app. FieldAgent Mobile adds new flight planning options, a sleeker, more efficient user interface, in-app map views, and free access to the most commonly-used features on mobile. The redesigned app supports Sentera’s mission of making digital agriculture easy, seamless, and available.

Rebuilt from the ground-up, FieldAgent mobile allows for incredible control over data capture and visualization.

“This is a huge step forward for FieldAgent and the way the industry collects highly organized aerial data,” commented Reid Plumbo, director of product management for Sentera. “We completely overhauled and refined our app, focused on providing the best data gathering and viewing experience for our users. FieldAgent Mobile is now the best way to accomplish broad area surveys with DJI equipment. Plus, we’ve made it free to use, and accessible to anyone with a supported drone.”

Users can fly unlimited acres with individually customizable overlap and sidelap. FieldAgent Mobile offers live flight planning, which shows you exactly the track the aircraft will fly as users change overlap, altitude, speed, and other parameters. Job resource estimates for each flight are provided in real-time, including battery count, time, and acreage.

FieldAgent mobile enables growers to review critical crop health maps within the app. All FieldAgent platform map data is accessible, including an option for offline viewing.